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Boys Soccer Senior Day
Boys varsity soccer held it's senior day on Saturday October 4.  Jordan Collins, Jared Gerke, Adam Hollman, Austin Mann, Houlton Roberts and Evan Witmer were honored.  

Varsity and JV Volleyball Teams Defeat Blackhawk

In a season filled with highlights, the teams had the biggest highlight yet with a thrilling 3-0 win over sectional rival Blackhawk Christian! 

Physics Class Boat Building Project
The Physics class enjoyed a boat building competition on Saturday. The assignment was to build the boat out of cardboard then paddle the boat a certain distance in the fastest time. The winning boat was built by Jared Yoder, Drew Swing and Adam Owens. 

Panther Parent Meeting

Panther Parent Meeting Friday October 10 at 8:00am

Who’s invited? You are. You are a Panther Parent that wants to be involved and informed.

Panther Parents exist to promote organized volunteers for the immediate improvement of the school community and to provide educational and fellowship opportunities for the families at LPCS in order to promote a partnership between the school and it’s families.

PSAT Preparation

Our 10th and 11th grade students will be taking the PSAT on Wednesday morning, October 15th. If you are interested in having your student prepare for the test, you may encourage them to go on Method Test Prep, found in the Naviance Family Connection site, where they can study independently. Or, you may sign them up for an online class by clicking on the PSAT banner on the website or going directly to Method Test Prep at Click on Parents, then Online classes. There are several free options as well as more intense prep that has a fee. 

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