About Us
Lakewood Park Christian School

Our Mission

TEACH Proverbs 15:33
TRAIN Proverbs 22:6
TEST Proverbs 17:3
TRANSFORM Proverbs 3:12

Our Vision

Shaping Difference-Makers in Christ 

Our Core Values:CLASS

Community - We are committed to experiencing life together in Christ, as we partner to  encourage, love, serve, and grow each other in community.

Leadership - We are committed to developing leaders who are able to communicate a distinctly Christian worldview and live it out daily with character, integrity, and wisdom.

Academic Excellence - We are committed to educating the individual learner in every aspect of school life through a model that is relational and based on wisdom from God’s eternal Word.

Spiritual Development - We are committed to fostering an environment where a relationship with the living Christ is evidenced through worship, discipleship, evangelism, fellowship, and ministry.

Service - We are committed to presenting Christ to others through serving our community with respect and humility, clearly communicating His gospel.

Christian School Philosophy

The educational philosophy of Lakewood Park Christian School is dependent upon the Bible in interpreting any subject or in planning any school activity. Education is seen as a means to an end, used by God to bring students to Himself through personal faith in Christ and to develop Christian minds. This will enable them to fulfill God's will in their lives, both personally and vocationally. The mandate for Christian education comes from God's command that children are to be taught to love God and to give Him preeminence in their lives, and from the Biblical teaching that parents are responsible for the total education of their children.