DESIGN Learning Center
DESIGN Learning Center 
“A learning plan designed with your child in mind.” 
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The DESIGN Learning Center is a place where your student can learn at his or her own pace, progress to grade level, and learn study/organizational skills that he or she can apply in future learning situations. As a parent, you can expect the following:

• A partnership between the DESIGN instructors, classroom teacher(s), your student, and you to help your student achieve and celebrate success

• A learning plan created to fit your student’s unique needs and D.E.S.I.G.N Package, developed by a certified, experienced teacher. The plan will incorporate creative teaching methods that will build self-confidence and strengthen skills.

• Individual attention in a small group setting (one to three students per group) with a trained and qualified instructor. These groups meet one to five times per week. Each session lasts 30 – 50 minutes, depending on the age of the student and recommendations from the classroom teacher:

• On-going assessment of your student’s progress towards the objectives spelled out in the learning plan.

• Regular communication with you to convey student’s progress, modifications of the learning plan, and ways you can help the student at home. Conferences may be requested at any time and phone calls/emails are returned in a timely fashion.

• Transformed attitude towards school and learning as your child experiences success and begins to understand that he/she is “fearfully and wonderfully made.” We want your student to develop, utilize, and celebrate the strengths of his/her God-given D.E.S.I.G.N. package; understand that areas of weaknesses are only places where he/she may have to humbly depend on God or other people; and learn strategies that will help him/her overcome or compensate for these weaknesses

• Affordable prices. 

“A learning plan designed with 
your child in mind.” 

260-925-1393, ext. 227 or 237
5555 CR 29 Auburn, IN 46706

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Reinforcing Foundational Skills

Reading & Spelling
This program is designed for those readers who need to establish a firm foundation in reading. Basic phonics rules, sight vocabulary, and reading fluency form the main components of this program. Your student will progress from easy to increasingly more difficult texts that build confidence and proficiency.

Reading Applications
This program is designed to increase your student’s reading ability by focusing on a variety of reading strategies such as advanced phonics, vocabulary development, structural analysis, context clues, and comprehension skills. Your student will not only read the words on the page, but fully grasp what the words and passage mean by learning to draw conclusions, make predictions, identify cause/effect relationships, find the main idea, and state the author’s purpose. 

Math Builder is a basic math course designed to fill in the skills your student is lacking, and then progress to grade-level and beyond math skills. Components include hands-on activities, memorizing math facts, applying math skills in real-life situations, and periodically reviewing skills to ensure retention. We start with basic math, fill in the gaps, and then move on to more complex skills. 

Math Applications includes tutoring in Algebra I and II, Geometry, and the higher-level math classes such as calculus and trigonometry.

Language Arts
Written communication is an essential skill that is needed in every subject area. We use the 6+1 Writing Traits framework to teach students the traits of good writing: (1) ideas and details (2) organization, (3) voice, (4) word choice, (5) sentence fluency, (6) conventions, and (7) presentation. The conventions trait includes spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and paragraph formation which may be developed separately or in conjunction with a piece of writing. 

Study/Organizational Skills 
Students in grades 4 – 12 often need help with their study/organizational skills. Your student will identify components of his/her learning profile and then learn to use them effectively to do assignments, study for tests, and complete projects. They will learn how to read for information, take notes, study for tests, manage time and materials, use reference materials/sources, and establish goals. The student will often be held accountable for applying these skills in one subject area, although he/she will be able to apply these strategies in any subject.

Special Needs Accommodations
Some of our students have trouble learning because of a behavior or learning problem. Some have been formally evaluated through the public school, qualify for special education services, but are on service plans with us because the parents chose us over the services provided by the public school. Others have behavior plans and learning plans that accommodate their needs in the regular classroom for most of the day and allow them to work in the learning center for 30 – 50 minutes per day. We currently serve students with all variations of autism spectrum disorder, sensory integration problems, learning disabilities, OCD, ADHD, communication disorders, hearing impaired, visually impaired, and emotional problems. A speech and language pathologist does provide free services here for those who qualify for speech and other communication disorders.

LSEC Instructors


DESIGN Director/Instructor 
I knew from a very early age that God had called me to be a teacher. Because of His leading, I am extremely passionate and privileged to work with students of all ages and backgrounds. I believe that God created each one of us, and has given us unique abilities and talents that He wants us to use for Him, whatever that may be.

In 1988, I graduated from Great Lakes Christian College with a degree in Religious Education and a minor in both English and Bible. In 1991, I completed my master’s in Elementary Education from Milligan College. I have teaching licenses from both Tennessee and Indiana, and over 14 years of experience. Since then, I have taught Kindergarten, first, second, and third grades; served as a team instructor for an undergraduate college class; substituted for Northwest Allen County Schools, Southwest Allen County Schools, and Dekalb County schools; offered private tutoring out of my home for 6 years, and worked as a teacher’s assistant for two years here at Lakewood prior to taking this position.

I consider teaching to be my ministry. I want to be used by God to not only help students learn, but more importantly, to help them know they are loved by God and can have a personal relationship with Him.

I live in Auburn with my wonderful husband of 18 years, and my daughter who graduated from Lakewood and attends college. I enjoy reading, volunteering at church, swimming, hiking, gardening, and all kinds of outdoor activities.

Mrs. Sherri Chambers
260-925-1393 ext. 227


Jan Tabler

LSEC Lead Instructor
Mrs. Jan Tabler
Teaching is my passion and my ministry. It is such a blessing when God allows you to work where your passion lies. I grew up in Ohio, and in 1978, I graduated from Ohio University with a degree in education. I married a United States Army officer in 1979 and have one daughter.

My first introduction to Christian education was in 1979. We were stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington, where I taught in a Christian high school. For the next 22 years we moved numerous times throughout the United States and Germany. I have taught in the majority of those places, to include Heidelberg, Germany and Neu Ulm, Germany, in elementary, middle and high schools. Our first and last duty station was Fort Gordon, Georgia. I taught third grade both times. We moved to Fort Wayne in 2001 after my husband retired from the military. After moving to Fort Wayne, I taught third and fourth grades. In 2006, I began teaching in Learning Support at Lakewood, (formerly DESIGN) and at Ivy Tech State College.

I have had the privilege of leading many students to Christ and discipling them. Academics are very important and students should be encouraged to do well because we should always give God our best. Christian education is about teaching the whole child; academically, spiritually and emotionally. Loving them and seeing them as Christ sees them is critical. 
260-925-1393 ext. 237



The Learning Center also utilizes a number of volunteers who are either former teachers or have some educational experience. If you are interested in tutoring or helping with the Exploring Your Design camps, please contact Mrs. Chambers.