Fine Arts
Fine Arts 
The Fine Arts Department is dedicated to exploring each student’s special talents that God has given them. We have many avenues that allow students to develop these special talents here at Lakewood. 

Music Department offers the following courses in their education: band, choir, music theory, worship team, bell choir, and pep band. The music department is a member of the Indiana State School Music Association and competes in organizational contest as well as solo and ensemble. The band and choir have had a number of 1st place finishes as they participate and compete in yearly festivals which include, Music in the Parks, Branson Live on Stage, and the Smokey Mountain Music Festival.
The Art Department at Lakewood is intended to enable the students to develop an interest in and an appreciation for the gift God has given through art. The high school art courses at Lakewood Park are designed to have many different experiences with drawing, painting and printmaking, but they also get a chance to work with sculptural media as well such as clay, wire, wood, plaster, etc. Students’ artwork has been entered into many art shows from around the area, such as the University of St. Francis, Huntington University and Scholastic Arts. Lakewood students have received awards in each of these art shows in the past years. It is such a joy to see students realize the hidden artistic ability God has placed in them.
Our Drama Department offers an elective in drama class with small play production in the fall and a major play or musical in the spring. Our spring musical consists of 3 performances while our smaller productions have a single performance.

The Fine Arts Department through their classes, rehearsals, and performances work very hard in making sure the God is our first and foremost priority. In all things we do, we will strive to do it for the honor and Glory of the Lord.